Saturday, July 6, 2013

June 26, Visiting the Luanda Team

Well, I thought I had the glitch figured out and made it quite a bit of the way through labeling photos until it froze again. Big thanks to Becky for the certificates, by the way! The group photo should be labeled "Sarah, Dorcas, Joyce, Lydiah, Eddah, me, Priscillah, Matt, front row Magdaline, Seith and some neighbor kids". After the meeting we drove back through an extremely rocky area, where one local guy in particular (who is part of a discordant couple and supposedly his viral load is now zero but is almost certainly just undetectible, which is great, of course) paints a lot of HIV awareness slogans on the rocks. End of the day helped Felix with his reading, and Matt made guacamole. A good, full day! Next morning we said goodbye to Joyce and Magdaline.
We pass through Chavakali on our way to Luanda - they have a pay toilet. Iko toilet means toilet here.

Matt took some photos through the window at Priscillah's house , where we always meet. Basically all Kenyan homes have bars on the windows. Reminds me of what Elizabeth Warren says about how wealthy people (and really all of us) benefit from the taxes we pay for security, among so many other things.

 Back in the kitchen, preparing our snack and lunch!
 Chicken house/cage.

 "Snack"! Eggs, bread, water and tea.

 The meeting - we talked about challenges and accomplishments.
 Then I gave out belated certificates, from their training in 2010. Certificates are really important, for stature and credibility.

 From left, Pricillah's daughter Sarah, a currently unemployed Early Childhood Education teacher, DorcasJoyce, Lydiah, Eddah, me,  Dorcas,

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