Saturday, July 6, 2013

Visiting Five Ember Locations

Uuurggggh! Why won't it let me scroll down to write about each photo?? Anyway, at the first location we had a big group, and saw a play with grandparents and grandchildren. The grandmother actress in the blue blouse plays an orphan who tricks her grandmother, meets with her boyfriend, and ends up pregnant and HIV positive. Moral of story: don't lie to your grandmother!?

As the day progressed, we saw another play which grandmothers and grandfathers, orphans whom they're raising, and Judy and Sarah of the Wholistic Team had written and then performed and together. It even involved a witch doctor (the girl in the feathered headdress, who was a WONDERFUL actor), a bar, dancing. . . and of course the granddaughter who made bad decisions and went to a bar with bad boys from the area ended up - you guessed it - pregnant and HIV positive.

We saw four short dramas, heard several plays including one written about me by the pastor in the area about how I'm a pillar of the community and teach about family planning, entitled "Kathy"!, and enjoyed lots of singing and dancing from both grandkids and grandparents.

We also watched part of a "football match" (Kenyans use British English), as I had supplied soccer balls last year so they could form an Ember team. Capper of the day: Matt was presented with a chicken, which he subsequently named "Legs", by the beautiful daughter of Sarah, one of the Wholistic Team members. Sarah made sure that Matt met Leah a couple of times, and told him not to forget her. Next thing you know the family will be asking how many cows Matt is supplying for their dowry!!

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